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Express Tears Device and 28 Pads

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ExpressTears is a first-of-its-kind eye health device that helps address some underlying causes of dry eye by making it easier to express and activate the eye’s oil-producing glands (known as the meibomian glands). These glands are critical to the production of balanced tears. When used as directed, with a foaming eyelid cleanser, ExpressTears can keep oil flowing normally, maintaining the production of healthy tears that work like they’re supposed to! This is a simple device you can use from the comfort of your own home, on its own, or in conjunction with other dry eye treatments to make sure gland dysfunction doesn’t stand in the way of healthy, comfortable eyes. It’s the perfect tool to make sure you’re taking care of your eyes in between appointments with your eye doctor. ExpressTears was designed and tested by practicing eye doctors with your comfort and relief in mind! Your Starter Kit shipment includes a convenient and elegant Storage Tin, Expressor Device, and 28 Hygienic Expressor Pads.
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